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To Join The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce Please Click here

Download a pdf of the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce Membership Application

Chamber Annual Membership Services Include:

  • Supporting community development projects

  • Business-to-Business discount services

  • Creating business & networking conferences and receptions

  • Referral of new clients & customers

  • Providing assistance on securing loans & grants

  • Creating branded VIP events and activities

  • Securing media advertising discounts (radio, print, and TV)

  • Assisting in the marketing and sales of products, goods and services

  • Sponsoring business and professional services workshops and seminars

  • Providing Educational Scholarships, Grants &Internships

  • Promoting Minority & Women Owned Business Enterprise Initiatives

  • Creating year round Tourism Programs and Initiatives
    Establishing direct communications with public & elected representatives 

For information on membership and/or program information, please contact Mr. Causey, General Manager or Ms. Ricketts, Vice President for Programs at 212-862-7200 

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